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Autumn Mooney Photography

When Nova Peris married Scott Appleton, 5 year anniversary memory lane stroll

This weekend marks the five year anniversary of when Nova Peris married Scott Appleton, with a beautiful ceremony on sacred indigenous land at Canon Hill, Kakadu National Park, Northern Territory. New Idea magazine covered the wedding in editorial, and I was Scott & Nova’s personal wedding photographer so followed the bride and groom entourages around from early morning til late in the evening – this day was such a special and moving day to photograph, holding much meaning and symbolism. Just after Scott & Nova exchanged vows, a cockatoo flew above (which is Nova’s totem animal,) and a croc made an appearance in the swamp. After, family & friends walked through a traditional smoking ceremony and enjoyed the festivities!





Photographer, photo editor, photoshoot director, image archivist.

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  • nova peris

    August 16, 2017

    Thank you sooooo much Autumn – most beautiful memories for life 🙂

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